Frequently asked questions about

Q: Is for sale?

A: No.

Q: But you don't seem to be doing anything with it.

A: There's more to the internet than the World Wide Web. I have been using the domain for email for many years.

Q: But my organization/initials/company/favoriteletters are "gc". I am entitled to Why won't you sell it?

A: No, you're not entitled to it. I got to it first. I won't sell it because I've been using it for email for many years.

Q: Okay, so isn't for sale. But everything has a price.

A: True enough. You would have to offer enough to overcome the hassle I would have to go through in migrating all my email presence away from Keep in mind, I've had this domain for over a decade, and I'm quite attached to it. In the past (even during the domain boom of 2000), many folks came to the conclusion that the cost of buying this domain wasn't worth it. Look, even though it's a 2-letter second level domain, it's still only in the ".org" TLD. (Gosh, I just wish I'd gotten so many years ago.)

Q: What's so special about to you, anyway?

A: My initials are GC.

Q: Can I just have an email address in, and it's gotta have good spam filtering, and maybe some web hosting, and it's gotta have the latest version of PHP installed, and can you help me with some ruby programming?

A: No, I don't want to be responsible for your email address or your web hosting. I don't know ruby, either.

Q: How about a subdomain of

A: No.

Q: How do I contact you by email?

A: I'd put an email address here for you to write to, but it would get harvested and I'd get spam on it pretty soon. So instead, you have to solve a [very simple] puzzle. You can send email to me here:
But you have to replace YYYY with the current year. Also, if it's January and that bounces, you might want to try last year instead.
Gilbert Coville